Day 11 - The City of God

Christopher Kwon:

Our last evangelism event was in the afternoon so we were able to sleep until 9AM on Friday morning. It was also our last day of recording our skits and body worships for the AMED organization so the Contrast skit team re-recorded our skit to get better takes for them to use. We pray that God may use the resulting video to reach out to those who do not yet know our perfect loving Father and He may start to heal and bring back his lost children. I felt a bit relived that it was my last few times that I act as the “Earthly Father”. Acting as an angry character felt uncomfortable on my soul because I’m usually a somewhat cheery person. The fact that some of the Peruvian children saw in me their own fathers also broke my heart, but I thank God that He will start to repair those shattered relationships.

After the recording and a quick lunch, we started to make our way to the evangelism site. It was at a church on a mountain surrounded by a poor neighborhood. Our bus had to stop midway up the mountain because it was impossible to drive a large charter bus uphill so we unloaded everything we needed and hiked up the mountain on foot. The pavement gave way to dirt and the streets became very narrow. There were several stray dogs we had to avoid and everything was covered in a thin layer of dirt. As we hiked higher, I saw buildings that only had thin metal sheets as rooftops for several houses and some didn’t even have roofs. To think that without the gospel of Jesus Christ that this would be the closest life they have to heaven hurt my heart and gave me a greater sense of determination to preach our message with everything I had.

Alex Yi: After climbing the hill while blowing up balloons, we arrived at the church. We spent some time, about 15 minutes, playing with and handing out balloons to the children that Pastor David brought to the church. We also set up an area with chairs for the performances and the sermon. After the 15 minutes Pastor Phil called us to an area behind the church overlooking the entire district. He told us to look at the brokenness of the area. He talked about how living a life for ourselves would result in our lives being the closest thing to heaven we ever experience. However, he also talked about how if these people never heard the gospel and was saved, this life of poverty would be the closest they ever came to heaven. Then he read us Revelation 21 and talked about the City of God (the new Jerusalem). There was such a contrast between the city of man, which was right before us, and the City of God, which is to come. This truly opened my eyes to what truly was at stake. After this pep talk and a prayer, we went back to the children and began our performances. They seemed very responsive to the hip hop dance and the children’s skit, although because the age of the children was much younger, they were rowdier. After the contrast skit, the children were called into the church building to do crafts, while the mothers were left behind to hear the sermon that Pastor Phil had prepared. The mothers seemed to truly relate to the sermon while the children opened up to us more as we took their pictures and they decorated their frames. After the sermon and the crafts had finished the Pastor of that church thanked us for the work that we had done. Our work had planted the seeds of the Word and she promised to nourish them and bring them to fruition. It was truly a great ending to our mission work. We started the descent down the hill back to the bus and reflected on what we had just experienced. We arrived back to the area that the bus was parked and went to drop off the first group that was leaving. After our farewells, we then went to eat at Rocky’s. We went back the seminary and began to prepare for worship by journaling and reading the bible. After the a small break, we began to worship. The worship was extremely impactful, as it was a time of reflection and thanks giving for the entirety of the mission trip. It was also the conclusion to the mission work that we had been preparing for for many months. We sang our hearts out and prayed to God, thanking him for this amazing experience and just praising his greatness. During the middle of the worship, some of the leaders led us through devotionals. We concluded with a worship song. The worship finished around 1:30 so I fell asleep immediately.

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