Day 10 - The Perfect Father for All

Josh: In the morning, we woke up very early….. we woke up around 4:00 am and loaded the bus around 4:30. The bus ride took 2 hours to get to the school and everyone fell asleep from exhaustion. The leaders woke us up in front of the school and we unloaded the bus. When we entered the building it immediately looked better than all the schools we visited so far. This particularly school was a private Methodist school and the oldest one is Peru (126 years). Majority of these students were in the middle to upper-middle class. The entire school looked like a mall from NOVA. We went into the school’s auditorium and prayed as the muscle team was setting up the speakers for the performances. Many team members were exhausted and were still half asleep from waking up early in the morning, but with Gods grace, he gave us energy to start the day with joyful hearts. The entire auditorium was packed with hundreds of high school students. We started our performances shortly after and each performance led to the message Pastor Philip gave to the students which was about our Good Good heavenly father. God was moving powerfully in this group, just as every other group. Many people were in tears as they reflected on their own family brokenness and looked to God as their perfect Father, who loves, heals, and restores. Though they attended a private Christian school all these years, many didn't fully trust and surrender their lives to God. But upon hearing of the gift of Adoption through Jesus Christ, so many students and teachers wanted to finally fully trust God as their perfect Father. After the message we took pictures and went through the court yard to talk to a class for a small tour. We returned to the auditorium to listen to the Peruvian students preform their show and national anthem.

Paul: We quietly left the auditorium after watching two performances. Due to the time crunch, we had to eat our lunch on the bus. We ate two small jelly sandwiches, a slice of fruit cake, and a coconut brownie. We talked on the bus for around an hour as always. Once we arrived, we had an hour and half of free time where I played ultimate frisbee with a small group of friends. Doing so, we waited for the studio team to prepare to record the Good Good Father ministry group. During the time I waited for the studio team to record the Good Good Father’s performance. I watched as a few our team members got their make-up done by some of the girls. It was hilarious just watching them spending their free time. The studio team spent around two hours recording both audio and motion pictures for the Good Good Father ministry group. Once it was finished, they recorded the children’s skit which is the skit I am involved in. The studio team was very short on time and so the recording was rushed into a thirty minute time period. We had dinner at the seminary cafeteria and went directly into worshipping for the night. During the worship I felt really dry at the start of worship but as I just prayed to the Lord asking to give me the heart to sing him praises full heartedly. I began to feel him just come into my heart, and I was just so convicted to pray for my fellow brothers and sisters who the Lord was working in. I walked around the room going to people who were either crying or on their knees praying for them. As worship came to a end, I prayed a prayer just asking for some many things including healing of my scars and just to give me the heart to want to serve him. After worship we ended the day listening to some of my brother’s life stories, and I just felt their pain in my heart for they had been hurt so much as well. David then told us to go to bed right away because it was pass 1 am. I went right to bed and passed out right away.

( p.s. We wrote this two days later so there maybe missing information )

Praise Report:

Opportunities to spend time with God

Safe travels to and from

God worked in the hearts of the Peruvians

Worship was uplifting and edifying

Prayer Requests:

Healing to all who are sick

Safety of the team

Continue to grow spiritually and have unity as a team

For the team to have full dependence on God, that He may use us as His vessels to speak into the hearts of the Peruvians.

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