Day 8 - As the Deer Pants for Water

Note: it is currently 12:35 AM and we had to wake up at 5 AM this morning, so we are very tired and feel like we’re dying and in Matthew’s words this post might be “kinda non-lit.” Thank you for being understanding. I hope.

Jabez: Last night around 12 something AM, me and my roommates were talking about the really annoying, loud noises in Peru that made it hard to fall asleep, when a huge house or car alarm (I’m not sure which) went off. We tried to wait it out for the first minute, when Deborah opened her window, stuck her head out and screamed, “Can someone please turn off the alarm?!!?!” Her voice is really high and loud so we were able to hear it from all the rooms. That really woke us up and we ran over and stuck out our heads and started talking to her and all the others who also stuck out their heads. After like 3 minutes, the alarm stopped and we went to sleep. The only problem with that alarm was that we had to wake up at 5 today. Around 5 AM in the morning today, the leaders started blasting this really annoying Christian rap song called Manelo that was really loud and it woke us up. We went to the bus like right after waking up and it was really “non-lit”. We got on the bus and went to the school. It took like an hour and a half so we slept on the way there. The leaders then woke us up and we went in to the place. I think it was around 8 when we started the performances. Because I didn’t really perform anything, I didn’t see the kids’ reactions or anything, but Pastor Phillip told us that everyone raised their hands to accept Jesus as their perfect father and they were all genuinely engaged with the performances. After this, we ate lunch, which was some sausages and bread. After that we went to separate classes and talked with the kids. It was a pretty fun time, and when the kids went outside for “recess” we played with them for a while. After this, we packed up and headed back to the seminary.

Chan: Saying bye to the children in the classroom I was in was probably one of the hardest things that I had to to do in the short time in Peru. Amidst the brevity of our time with the children, I had learned to grow a certain bond with them over the limited conversations we had. The language barriers and the lack of emotions from the children quickly changed to more intimate questions and more thoughtful answers as time went on. As we said our farewells, I could see that there were even tears in the eyes of children which reminded me of our immediate impact on the lives of these children. On our bus ride home, I had the chance to talk to a teammate who I had not talked very deeply before this ride. Our conversation varied from talking about Korean boy bands to the love story of our respective parents, showing the growth of a relationship between teammates even on a 40-minute bus ride. We got to the seminary around 12:15 in time for a lunch provided by the people who worked at the seminary. Afterwards, we were told that we were going to have free time for an hour and half but like most often there was a change of plan and that time was severely shortened. Right before I could catch my breath and relax, I was told to go change because our hip-hop dance team had to record our dance. The takes went very smoothly thanks to a good job by the people at AMED, and we were able to finish very quickly. One thing I did not enjoy was the sweat that was inevitable while dancing in long sleeves. I was told to wipe the sweat off of my forehead multiple times as it showed on the camera but hey, it’s not easy being beautiful. We finished in time for me to play ultimate Frisbee with the other guys and Esther and Deborah. Which then quickly turned into a “carpool karaoke” session when we all rapped to a beat which will be a part of fun memories in Peru. Then we went into to a time of journaling and reading the Bible, which was just a testament to a culture of being consumed in the Word and prayer throughout our time in Peru and not just in worship service. These activities resulted in most of us growing an appetite and we were all relieved when we heard it was time for dinner. We made our way to the missionary’s house for our meal. There we ate and just had a time of fellowship but before that we had to celebrate one of our teammate’s day of birth. Paul Chin was blessed to have spent his 15 birthday with us in Peru but there is always that sense of missing this special day with his family. To make up for this, the leaders decided to bring his birthday celebration to here in Peru with his family in Christ that were made up of the 43 other brothers and sisters on this team. With mini fireworks on the birthday cake and more than enough cake to go around, I really hope Paul had a great birthday even away from family. Pastor Phillip mentioned what a blessing it was for Paul to spend his birthday serving the One who gave him life which, as cheesy as it is, couldn’t be more true. Okay this is all for me, Chan signing off #ganggang.

Janice: It’s now 1:18 AM and I’ve been awake for 20 hours… Although today was a long day, I had a blessed and incredibly fun time. Dinner at Missionary Kim’s house was delicious as always, but today instead of spending time solving riddles or playing games with the team, I spent time with two of my fellow brothers. We went to the roof of Missionary Kim’s house and shared our life stories with each other. I am so glad that we have grown closer throughout this trip and that they were able to be vulnerable with me. I hope that everyone will continue to grow closer as one body throughout the remainder of this mission trip. After dinner, we returned to the seminary for a time of worship and prayer. Pastor Phillip shared Psalm 42 with us tonight. I think it was extremely helpful for a lot of us because many of us—including me—have struggled with trying to worship while my heart felt empty. It’s amazing to hear everyone just crying out to God during worship, without caring about how they sound. Then, we split up to share life stories. I am still extremely tired.

Jabez and Janice (because Chan left us alone to go sleep, how mean.): Today was fun and eventful day. We enjoyed interacting more with the children and being able to celebrate Paul’s 15th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL!!!! (again). Overall, it’s incredible to see how God is working not only in the lives of the Peruvians, but also fellow members of the team and ourselves. Buenas Noches. Goodnight. 1:30 AM.

Prayer Requests:

  • Success for tomorrow

  • Protection and safety of the team

  • Healing for those who are sick

  • Support and guidance for the leaders

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