Day 7 - The Steadfast Love of the Lord

Note: I know that Esther, Justin, and Brian said that their post would be “the best blog you will probably ever read,” BUT since today is Day 7, which is the LORD’s number, OUR blog will most definitely be the best post for the trip! hahahahah :))))

Matthew: We stayed up late last night praising, praying, and reconciling, so the leaders allowed us to sleep in a lot longer today. But there was no breakfast for those who woke up late, which was kinda non-lit. Anyways, we had free time until noon. I chose to devote this moment to God in prayer & QT, specifically Ezekiel 37. Through that, I was reminded that the Holy Spirit is required to revive a spiritually dry group, not our own humanly efforts, so we should build a dependency on Him. On the other hand, contrast skit team had to wake up earlier to record for AMED, an organization that aims to glorify God in the fullest by building up churches and ministering to the Peru squad. Afterwards, there were some complications with our bus, so we had to march on foot to Missionary Kim’s house for lunch. The walk was pretty chill... except I slipped and got my whitish khakis stained! RIP. After arriving, we ate some delish varieties of 고기. I was content and filled up, giving me the strength to continue my day. Onto Chris!

P.S. – I got sick today, so please pray for me!

Chris: Hi! So after we had finished eating, we had resolved our ride complications and set off on our way to do ministry to Peruvians for the day. Throughout Culpeper and this whole trip, God has really taught me how to faithfully walk with him and think of him in every moment & every second of my life. This really encouraged me to journal and read the bible as often as I could, which is why that’s exactly what I did on the bus drive to the church. I also had the time to have a deep conversation with an older brother, sharing my struggles, story, and just life in general. Before and on arrival, I prayed for the hearts of the Peruvians that we would be reaching out to because of the realization I had come to on the power of prayer. I feel like the prayers I lifted up helped put my own heart in a better place to serve for His glory, while knowing that the power of the gospel had the ability to completely change the lives of these kids. In turn, I was able to love on the little children we played with and shared to even more. I could genuinely say that, especially today, I was able to reflect the love of Jesus on a whole new level and feel the Spirit working amongst our team. **passes mic. to Lee Yeon**

Lee Yeon: 안녕하세요! 앞서 크리스가 말한것처럼 이 곳 페루 아이들을 섬기면서 참 많은것들을 느꼈고 하나님께 더 가까이 나아갈 수 있었는데요, 하루 하루 사역 할 때마다 하나님께서 주시는 은혜는 더 커지는 것 같아요. 오늘은 아이들을 만나 다 같이 뛰어놀았고, 바디워십과 스킷들을 공연하고, 필립 목사님께서 하나님의 사랑과 복음을 전하시고 마지막으로 다 같이 찬양도 부르고 사진도 찍고 선물도 나누어 주었어요. 언어의 장벽을 뚫고 대화하기는 역부족이어서 제 힘이 아닌 하나님의 힘을 구했더니 오늘 사역도 무사히 잘 마칠 수 있게 해주셨어요. 이 뒤에는 다같이 저녁을 먹으러 갔었어요. 새로운 페루 음식을 먹었답니다. 배불리 저녁을 먹은 후에는 숙소로 돌아와서 짧은 예배를 드렸어요. 하루를 돌아보며 하나님께서 저희를 통해 하신일들을 되새겨보는 좋은 은혜로운 시간이었어요.

Chris, Lee Yeon, Matthew: Overall, each of us have continued to learn more about God and have grown a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. Because of this ever growing love, we strive to shine the light of Jesus everywhere we go.

Praise Report:

  • Opportunities to spend time with God

  • Safe travels to and from

  • God worked in the hearts of the Peruvians

  • Worship was uplifting and edifying

Prayer Requests:

  • Healing to all who are sick

  • Safety of the team

  • Continue to grow spiritually and have unity as a team

  • For the team to have full dependence on God, that He may use us as His vessels to speak into the hearts of the Peruvians

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