Day 6 - The Beauty of the Gospel


From the start there was something special about today. This morning I woke up an hour before I usually did with the unshakeable feeling that something unforgettable and important was going to happen. We were woken up to the sound of gospel music at around 7:30 am had about 30 minuets to get ready and head downstairs for devotionals and breakfast. As we ate our potatoes and bread, which some of our sisters aptly named butt bread because of the way it looked, and made our way through the book of James. Following breakfast, we went to the chapel at the seminary we were staying at and worshipped God in all his majesty along with our local brothers and sisters. Following worship, Pastor Philip then introduced the contrast skit and gave his message about the brokenness of our worldly families and the true healing we receive through our heavenly Father, and fathers followed by the good good father preformed by our wonderfully talented friends. We then worshiped then had time to play with the kids and have some fellowship with the children that came with their parents. Around 1 in the afternoon we left for a ‘special surprise’ which we later found out was, in Andres’s words, ‘ the sandwich place with the best fries in the world’. As we got there we, except for the seniors who were helping our pastor carry the sandwiches, quickly ordered and was directed to the nearby park where we would have been eating. As soon as we got there, we were unnerved by a suspicious interaction with a group of strangers who asked us for hug. We were immediately put on nerve. This led to some paranoia and confusion. We ended up eating on the bus and went to a cliff side and enjoyed our food. We took pictures over the ocean then made our way to dinner which was chicken and fries. We were then called to the chapel again where we took time to reconcile with each other and grow in our faith. Tonight was a night that we all needed, after what was said and done I believe that we have grown stronger as a community and were refreshed.


Today was no ordinary day as it was the Sabbath. As usual, I woke up cold just wanting to get more sleep. I knew I had to go downstairs for QT and breakfast, so I got dressed in sweats and a hoodie and went over. During small group, we went over 3 John as we ate the butt bread, eggs, and potatoes. As we concluded discussing 3 John, it was time to cleanup and go to our rooms to get dressed for service which was at the chapel at the seminary we were staying at. We worshipped with the brothers and sisters at the seminary and had a splendid time spending it with them. After worship, we played with and had fellowship with some of the kids that came with their parents. We then left to go out to eat lunch at a place that Andres has been hyping for the last three years according to Pastor Philip. La Lucha is the place that has the “best fries” and is like the In-N-Out of Peru. When we got there, we ordered from the choices that we were given; I ordered the Chicharrón which was very very scrumptious and lived up to the hype it was given. We ate on the bus, and not long after, stopped by this ocean view area where we took pictures and polaroids with each other. For dinner, we had chicken and french fries, but I only had the fries because I was still full from the Chicharrón. Afterwards, we headed back to the seminary where we had an hour and a half to wash up and prepare for worship. As we were about to begin worship, we were told to relocate to the chapel, so we took another thirty minutes to transition there and prepare our hearts. Pastor Philip brought up Ephesians 4:29-32, so we spent time reconciling with each other; it was a very cathartic moment. I believe that we needed what we did as a team tonight because I think that through this, we grew stronger as a team.


Hi guys. This morning I was happy because Hannah played “Far Greater” when we were getting ready, and it was stuck in my head the whole day. After breakfast my small group met in Esther’s room and we read Psalm 23. Soojin talked about how it’s important to rest for Sabbath and to just give quiet time to God. I thought that it was really interesting. After that we tried to talk more, but there wasn’t enough time so we just got ready for church. For church P. Phil spoke for the sermon today. Honestly I felt really distracted for the whole time because there were a lot of crying babies and the man sitting next to me kept moving around. Also, the message was what P. Phil was preaching at the places we’ve been going to for the past 4 days, so I heard it already, and my family isn’t in that situation so it didn’t affect me as much. But service happened and then the Good good father group performed. I messed up but I don’t think anyone noticed except for Cho-Jung LOL. After service I went out and played with some of the kids at that church for a bit. I met a girl who took Korean classes and knew some Korean. I talked to her with Hannah, Jasmine, and Eevie and she said that she likes BTS and Big Bang. It was pretty cool. After that we got ready to go out for lunch to La Lucha, which is a really good sandwich shop that Andres recommended. I got the Chicharron and it was pretty good. We ended up just going on the bus after getting our food because of the people in the park, but then we drove to this overhang that looked out on the ocean. I finished the other half of my sandwich there and it was really nice. We hung out there and took a lot of pictures and then we left to go to the dinner restaurant. No one was hungry because we ate lunch two hours before. After dinner we went back to the seminary. I feel like today was really God-less until then. I finally got some time to be quiet and journal, read, and pray. After that I talked to Soojin for some time and went downstairs for worship. But, worship ended up being postponed because we were moving to the chapel, so I went outside and prayed for 40 minutes straight. I was really proud of myself because I’m not good at talking in general. It also felt nice to just be able to talk to God freely about the things on my mind. When we met up in the chapel, we ended up doing the “beef-clearing-up” thing with each other. I didn’t have many people that I talked to, but just seeing others reconciling with each other was really wonderful because God is good and he cleared up all the conflicts in our team. That lasted for a while, and I thought that we were going to sleep but we ended up going into a slightly shorter time of worship. It was good and I felt God’s presence, but since I was so tired I dozed off while standing LOL. I’m just really thankful that a day that was somewhat empty without God ended with God. He loves me so much and I love Him so much. God is good and I love being here in Peru. Peace out.

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