Day 3 - The Power of Prayer

Deborah: We were woken up at around 7 by the loud voices of our lovely small group leaders. We had a small gathering with our small groups and discussed how we felt about our first day of evangelizing. Everyone discussed both the highs and lows and had a short time of prayer. We then started diving into our breakfast and nourished ourselves with potatoes, corn, bread, fried eggs, and mango juice. After a short break, we headed towards our second school that consisted of about 600 children. Although we felt slightly anxious due to yesterday’s rough moments, we continually prayed for the Holy Spirit to be present and fill each of the children’s hearts. Reflecting his character, he really fulfilled our prayers… keep reading to find out how!

Gabbie: When we got to the school, it was immediately better than yesterday. Everyone could feel God’s presence, especially the children! The kids loved all the performances we provided, but when Pastor Philip preached about God’s role as a perfect father, he moved the children to tears. It was so inspiring to see God working through us to reach his children all over the world. We left sad that we couldn’t see the children again, but were grateful that we had the opportunity to share the gospel. We ate hotdogs and juice on the way back home.

Lauren: As we were driving back, I had the privilege of doing a group QT session with my fellow brothers and sisters. Although we only got through a chapter of Matthew in the time span of an hour, my heart felt so full and satisfied with the Holy Spirit. Praise God that He has blessed us with the ability to expand in our religion with others even though we are unqualified and unworthy. When we arrived home, P. Phil told us to read Psalm 1 and in summary, it talked about the difference between a wise and foolish man and reminded me that evil will perish in the end. We then had the next 2.5 hours to journal, pray, and do QT. Although it sounds like a long time, it flew by so quick because I was so immersed in His word and I loved discussing and meditating the bible with others. Upon finishing, we all went to Samonim’s house to eat yet another delicious Korean/Peruvian meal.

Conclusion: This day was filled with amazing surprises and we thank God that we were blessed with His grace and compassion. Even though it was more successful than yesterday, we will continue to praise God because of the blessings we’ve received.

Praise Report:

  1. Another great breakfast but with small group added.

  2. Having accessible and safe transportation.

  3. The children’s hearts were convicted and they listened to everything P. Phil had to say.

  4. Our hearts are more full and ready to share the gospel with more schools and churches.

Prayer Requests:

  1. To humble our hearts when we come in contact with more children and give all glory and thanks to God.

  2. That we would never cease to pray.

  3. Prepare the hearts of the Peruvian population we will soon encounter.

  4. To keep us safe and protected.

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