Day 2 - A Slow Beginning...But

Michelle: Hello! Today the team woke up at 8:30 and headed down to eat our first breakfast of the trip. Everyone was bit exhausted from our late arrival last night from the airport. At breakfast we ate bread, humongous corn, potatoes, and a new exotic fruit that tasted like sour plums. Afterwards, we took our “Emergen-Cs” to boost our immune systems and cleaned up. After breakfast, we spent the next two hours prepping for our ministry groups. I think all of us were a little rusty since Culpeper, so practicing our skits, body worship, crafts, and praise definitely helped. Just for fun, Pastor Phillip decided to film all of us practicing by running throughout the seminary to “catch us in action.” After ministry preparations, we headed off to lunch to the missionary’s house. Samonim is such an amazing cook! She used Peruvian ingredients to make us Korean style food, such as tteok galbi with pomegranate and jangjorim.

Jasmin: During that time, I also had the chance to talk to Daniel on the phone. By keeping connected to Daniel and updating him with our team agenda, we could be connected as one team although he isn’t here in Peru with us. I remember him asking about our place (seminary dorms), as well as the environment and culture here. It was really a joy just to be able to provide fellowship even in such a small manner, and it really encouraged me that Daniel was still enthusiastic about her mission even though he is injured and not able to participate. Being nourished by lunch, we headed off to our very first public school. I was excited, yet nervous, because I had no idea what to expect. I was just really touched by the warm welcoming we received, despite the language barrier between us. One girl in particular really touched my heart. She gave me a present, despite only having known me less than 30 minutes. I’m not sure if it’s the culture here, but I was really touched at her simple act of kindness and appreciation. I was even able to meet two children (siblings) who spoke Korean, their father being Korean, while their mother Peruvian. However, despite our performances and P. Phil’s message, I feel like not many of the kids were able to experience blessings or convictions. I know that I had become fond of the children and didn’t want to leave, yet I became discouraged that we weren’t able to leave a bigger impact on the children; especially on our first day serving the Peruvians.

Paul: After leaving the school we got on the bus and took a very long bus ride to our next destination. We decided to pass the time by singing some of our favorite songs. When we reached our destination, I personally thought that we had arrived at the place we were staying at. However, I was surprised to find out we were at a Peruvian Chicken restaurant. It was very, very good. We were able to bond with each other over good food and really get to know each other in a different setting. Later we left and got on the bus to finally arrive at the seminary we were staying at. Upon arriving we had to unload all the equipment that we had taken to the school where we shared the gospel. After we unloaded everything Pastor Philip gave us 10 minutes to change and get into comfortable clothing. Once the 10 minutes had passed Pastor Philip led us into a discussion where we reflected upon the day. He told us a verse, 1 Thessalonians 5 :16-18, and asked to really think about it. We talked about how we didn’t really feel like we were able to give the true gospel to the kids. We all felt that we hadn’t put all of our heart into truly bringing the gospel to the kids. We all reflected upon our actions and P. Phil told us that a team without prayer is a team without power. He led us into a time of journaling and QT. He asked to us do a brain dump in our journals and really read the bible and try to understand the wisdom the God was trying to impart on us. After we wrote in our journal and we did our QT. We went into a time of worship. We sang multiple songs and I truly felt God’s presence in the room. Lastly we ended in a prayer and were dismissed to sleep.

Conclusion: Today may have not been the greatest or the day we were expecting it to be, however, we believe that today was a day of learning and gaining experience that will help aid us in our work for the kingdom of God. We truly believe that things went this way so that God would be able to impart his wisdom and knowledge unto us.

Praise Report:

  1. We started the day off at 8:30 am and had a delicious breakfast that we all enjoyed

  2. We were able to safely travel to and from all of our destinations

  3. We were very thankful for the missionary’s support and hospitality

  4. Even though there were many children and there was a tough language barrier we were able to successfully complete our first day at missions.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Prayers of healing for those who are sick

  2. Prayers of safety and protection

  3. Prayers for the Holy Spirit to go and work ahead of us in the hearts of the Peruvians we will encounter.

  4. Prayers for the team so that we will constantly pray and keep strong in our faith.

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