Day 1 - We're Finally Here!

V: Today was the day we headed to the airport for Peru. I slept early the night before, so I was feeling pretty energized and excited. On the other hand, I was worried about the team’s safety after the car accident on Sunday. It was no coincidence that the incident happened so close to our departure date. Thankfully God kept us safe through all the flights we went on. The layover for group 1 was a bit rough since it was almost 5 hours, but the group was very happy to spend time together that it went by pretty fast. Also, from transferring luggage and moving from place to place, God looked over us and kept us safe throughout. At the moment we have arrived safely to our seminary and just went over orientation. It’s currently 2:12am and we are all going to sleep.

R: After saying our final goodbyes at Dulles, we were officially off to our trip in Peru. We (the group leaving through Dulles) went through security fairly quickly and were able to regroup shortly afterwards and leave for our gate. Soon we found ourselves shuffling into the seats of the plane. During the ride, I tried my best to focus my attention into reading the word and getting rest. I know others tried to do the same, but towards the last hour we ended up talking and having a great time of fellowship instead. We arrived in Panama City, Panama, where we waited for our next flight. For five almost dreadful hours, all of us talked, ate, and took naps. Then we were off to Lima, Peru. I don’t remember much of the second flight because I slept through most of it as did most of the team. We were all pretty exhausted. When we arrived, we gathered all of our bags and boxes, met up with the rest of the team that left from Reagan, and headed to where we would be staying – a seminary. All of us are exhausted but thankful that we were able to make it here safely and smoothly

V + R: While the entire team was exhausted all day, we can say with confidence that we were

energized in Christ. We are so thankful to have gotten here safely, and we are ready to do what God wills us during these next two weeks. We thank you for everything you’ve done for this team so far, and we ask that you pray for strength and perseverance to give it our all tomorrow – our first day out on the field.

Praise Report:

1) We had over 60 checked-in bags, but every single one of them passed through customs without any problems! (not to mention the fact that we didn't lose any luggage!!)

2) Though we had three different flight groups, everyone made it safely.

3) Thanks to our awesome moms, we had food to eat throughout the long day.

4) We started the day at 5:30 AM and traveled all day (arriving in Lima at 11 PM), but praise God that we can now get a good night's rest!

Prayer Requests:

1) for strength and perseverance

2) health (some of us are starting to cough)

3) We start day 1 of our ministry tomorrow at 3. Please pray that we'll have everything ready, and as we perform/present the Gospel, that God would work mightily in and through us.

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